What’s in the report?

Credit Checker gives you a copy of a business credit report, enabling you to make quick informed decisions about who you do business with.

Company overview

Incorporation date, registered number, registered office, website address, telephone number and industry type.

Company structure

Company’s structure including the parent company, UK and overseas subsidiaries and detailed shareholdings.

Credit rating

A current risk score and credit limit along with a detailed credit history.

Public record information

County Court judgements (CCJs), legal notices, mortgages, charges and satisfactions.

Financial information
(latest year)

Get an overview of Company’s financial position including a balance sheet, profit and loss, cashflow, company raios and an accounts summary.*
*information supplied is restricted to public records

Director’s information

Including their name, Date of Birth and date appointed.

Monitor for change

Set up a monitor on an existing or new customer and receive an email alerting to changes including:

Bankruptcy Annual Accounts and returns
County Court Judgements Company details change
Credit Score/Rating change

Credit Checker

Minimise your exposure to Bad Debt.


100** Company Credit Reports
50 Companies Monitored for change £795.00 + vat *
*Additional Credit Reports £10.00


50** Company Credit Reports
20 Companies Monitored for change £595.00 + vat *
*Additional Credit Reports £12.50


20** Company Credit Reports
10 Companies Monitored for change £345.00 + vat *
*Additional Credit Reports £15.00
** All packages are valid for 12 months from date of purchase


9** Company Credit Reports
£195.00 + vat *
*Additional Credit Reports £22.00

Pay as you go

Company Credit Reports
£28.00 + vat *
Companies Monitored for change £20.00 for a 12 month peroid